Festival Conception 2018

INDIANER INUIT NORDAMERIKA FILMFSTIVAL is unique in Europe and has built up an outstanding reputation since ist started in 2004. With its attractive film program, indigenous guests, and impressive educational and cultural activities INDIANER INUIT NORDAMERIKA-FILMFESTIVAL is a culture event that is receiving growing attention in Europe, the USA, and Canada.

In January 2018 the 7th INDIANER INUIT NORDAMERIKA FILMFESTIVAL will again present films that provide insight into the present and past oft the indigenous peoples in North America, whose filmmakers nowadays take charge of things themselves, operating the cameras, writing scripts and filling the roles. European audiences have had little experience of their viewpoint and it sparks curiosity and questions. It is therefore of great value that indigenous guests from the USA and Canada accompany the festival and, in dialogue with the audience, to deepen our understanding oft he topics and discuss current developments.

INDIANER INUIT NORDAMERIKA-FILMFESTIVAL seeks to promote the importance of cultural exchange and learning. It cooperate closely with UNICEF Stuttgart, teachers, and students. UNICEF representative provides support by attending the film programs for school classes and working with the students, school and university students create German subtitles for selected films and work on jury teams to select the best children`s film and, the best documentary. The festivals also holds a wokshop for teachers, inviting teachers to meet indigenous guests and discuss contemporary issues.

INDIANER INUIT NORDAMERIKA-FILMFESTIVAL takes place thanks to the collaboration of leading culture institutions in Stuttgart who provide this outstanding culture event with their experience and knowhow. Together with the artistic director and film expert Gunter Lange, from Constance, a very high leel of quality is ensured. Collaboration with the renowned indigenous film festivals as the „San Francisco American Indian Film Institute & Festival“ and the „Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival Edmonton“, who have established an excellent indigenous film network, is also of great benefit of the Stuttgart film festival.

INDIANER INUIT NORDAMERIKA-FILMFESTIVAL stands for innovation, education, and cultural exchange. It communicates the cultural diversity and complex living conditions of indigenous peoples in North America at a very high level and addresses the issue that arise when encountering the unfamiliar. The numerous opportunities to enter into a real two-way personal and intercultural dialog are highly appreciated by the visitors and indigenous guests alike.

The INDIANER INUIT NORDAMERIKA-FILMFESTIVAL in January 2018 is dependent on financial support again in order to meet its growing recognition, its high level of visitor interest, and the positive resonance in the media. The festival intends to present many award-winning films, cinematic rarities and world premieres to maintain the high cultural expectations of this unique film festival.