Program and Information

IN TOMORROW WE BELIEVE – this is the motto of the seventh NORTH AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL, which will take place from 18 to 21 January 2016 in Stuttgart/Germany. At the TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz, Volkshochschule (vhs), the festival will showcase films made by Native Americans and Inuits as film directors, actors and playwrights, in which they portray their culture and their way of life. The powerful, humorous and fascinating films put a spotlight on both the past and the present.

IN TOMORROW WE BELIEVE – the aim is to pursue the exemplary ideas developed by indigenous people in their way of life, and their unique understanding of nature, people and the way things interact. Indigenous people are the memory of mankind. Their ideas could help us find solutions to make our shared world a better place to live in. As always, we are expecting some amazing guests

[Roseanne Supernault (actress), Frank Waln (Hip-Hop), Samsoche und Lumhe Sampson (dancer), Sila Singers, Marie Hélène Cousineau (director), Lucy Tulugarjuk (actress), and we will be awarding a prize in every category for the best film. The opening concert is performed by the throat singers Jenna Broomfield and Malaya Bishop from Nunatsiavut and Nunavut aka Sila Singers; and Frank Waln and the Sampson Brothers. Frank Waln was one of the featured artists in MTV’s Rebel Music Native America episode which aired on MTV all over the world for Native American Heritage Month.

INDIANER INUIT: DAS NORDAMERIKA FILMFESTIVAL is the only festival of its kind in Europe.