Projekt Beschreibung

Number 14

Dokumentation / Drama
Kanada 2015
Regie: Marie Clements
Besetzung: Sasha Perron, Evan Adams, Charlene Aleck, Sam Bob, Kim Harvey, Nyla Carpentier, Eric Wilson
Länge: 60 min
Sprache: Englisch
Ab 12 Jahre

NUMBER 14 wurde inspiriert durch das Leben von Jordan Wilson, einen hoffnungsvollen jungen Eishockeyspieler. Er starb bei einem tragischen Autounfall Oktober 2009, damit endete abrupt sein lebenslanger Traum, ein professioneller Eishockeyspieler zu werden.

NUMBER 14 is inspired by the life of Jordan Wilson, a young hockey hopeful, who died in a tragic car crash October 2009, abruptly ending his life-long dream of becoming a professional hockey player. Out of the thousand great decisions he made everyday- he happened to make one decision that happened to end his life. It could of played out differently…it should of… it didn’t. Through the eyes of 17-year-old Jordan Wilson, the audience must navigate the world of Canada’s beloved sport and the after-hour power plays of teenagers everywhere. Number 14 is a testament to the enduring spirit of one young man and the strength and resilience of his family  and  community.  Starring  Bellingham  Blazer  Sasha  Perron,  with  Evan  Adams  and Charlene  Aleck.  Number  14  features  an  original  sound  score  by  Wayne  Lavallee  and  the music of Ostwelve, and Dani & Lizzy. Directed By Marie Clements and produced by Working Pajama Lab.